How do I create an App with Apper?

Install Apper on your device, register or login and follow the 5 steps. We have a patented process to guide you as smooth as possible.

  1. You start with the App details like name, category, App icon name and description
  2. Choose your App color from the color picker
  3. Set an App icon. Optionally you can set your own Splash screen. We create one for you based on your icon by default
  4. Set an optinonal background image.
  5. Choose your menu style and set your Screens and Actions

After your done. Press preview. If you like what you see Press publish. After publish your app is in a 3 day trial mode.

If you want to keep it online take a subscription. And if you really like it you can have it submitted to the App stores as well

See this guide for some details about the steps

Check this video about Apper

Get Apper here

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