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  1. FORBES: It makes it extremely easy for anyone to generate a mobile app in less then an hour

    They brought a San Diego beta tester up to show a very cool one she used for a local car selling marketplace

  2. FORBES: 12 Candidates to Become the Next Instagram

    Abbott says Good idea

  3. VENTUREBEAT: iGenApps winner of Contest from Venturebeat

    iGenApps Inc. was the daily winner of day 5 in the 30 second pitch competition of Venturebeat at SXSW with a large margin.

  4. TECH.CO: iGenApps Levels the Playing Field for Non-Technical Founders

    Apper allows anyone to generate their own content-driven mobile app in mere minutes with no programming or coding knowledge required

  5. COMPLEX TECH: Names iGenApps App coolest tech product at SXSW

    This was probably the coolest app I saw at SXSW. It's an app that creates apps.

  6. FASHINVEST: iGenApps App of the week at FashInvest

    Leaders or members of any type of group or organization that want to share content with their peers through a mobile application will find it easy with the new Architect app developed by iGenApps.

  7. LIFEHACK: iGenApps on

    Need an App For That? Try iGenApps!

  8. DESIGNYOURWAY: These Tools And Resources Will Help You Create A Mobile App

    Apper is a genial do-it-yourself mobile app that gives you a comfortable setting to build, share, and publish your apps

  9. SWAPMYAPP: Create an app from within an app

    iGenApps focuses on making your app available to a larger user base.

  10. ANDROIDHEADLINES: App Review iGenApps Apper

    Apper runs well, with it only taking 5 steps to get your app looking like something you’d give to other users.

  11. ELITE ENVY: Apper – Mobile Application Developer – Review

    Apper comes with a ton of features that make creating your own application a snap.

  12. ABDIEL: Apper, A new way to develop Apps from the palm of your hand

    You can create Apps right from the palm of your hand. No knowledge of code.

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