Can my Apper created App run offline?

Yes your App can run Offline. we have a special URL for that. We have chosen not to enable it by default to each app. Because depending on your specific situation you might not need or want it.

To enable it you need to use a diffrent url. Just add the word offline in your url like this

What will happen is that you App will load the first time like normal. And after that it will create a cached copy automatically. The next time the user visits the app it will serve the cached copy. It will even work offline after that. If there is an new update published the user will receive a message to reload the page for the latest version.

There are some drawbacks:

  • Users need to reload the cached version to receive updates (a mechanism is  in place)
  • Some screens like social feeds won't work offline since the use external connections
  • Some action like website actions won't work offline either. 
  • Creating the cached copy can take some time depending on how many pages and images are used in the App.

Meaning that some sections or your app might not work offline. 

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