How can I put my app in an App Store?

You can submit your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play by requesting our premium publishing service in Apper (under services). Your app must be compliant with Apple and/or Google’s guidelines in order to get their approval to be published in their app stores.

You can choose from the following Premium Publishing services:

  • * Google Play Store Submission $129 (one time)
  • * Apple App Store Submission $149 (one time)
  • * Bundle Package (Apple and Google) Submission $249 (one time)
  • * Push notifications $79 per year

You can submit your app to Apple under your own company or personal name (OPTIONAL). For Google a Developer account is REQUIRED. You will need to create an Apple developer account ($99/yr) and/or Google developer account ($35) and provide us with certain information required to transfer your app to your account. To know more about this option and requirements, contact We will take care of the complete submission proces.

IMPORTANT: Payment can be made via Stripe (Card) or PayPal.
You will need an active subscription ($9.99/month , $47.99 6 months or $89.99/year) to keep your App published. A subscription also unlocks all screens. You will still be able to update your App as often as you like after submitting to Apple or Google without having to resubmit the app to them.

It possible, however unlikely, that your app may be rejected by Apple or Google. It is our best interest to get your app approved by them but we can’t guarantee that they will. We will assist you throughout the entire process and provide recommendations on what things might need to be changed in order to get better chances to get the app approved. We have a lot of experience doing this every day so we can help but we can’t guarantee that your app is 100% compliant with the ever changing Apple and Google’s guidelines. 

The usual time frame, after we receive payment for a Premium Publish service. is around 2 to 3 business days. Apple App Store submission requires an extra week (for Apple’s reviewing process).

If you like to get your app in any of the App Stores contact us at or visit our services option in Apper.

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