[[[The easiest way to make an App right from your phone]]]

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Cross Platform

[[[Works on any device]]]

[[[Your custom Apps will work on Android, Apple and Windows Phone Devices]]]

PC mode

[[[Desktop Viewing Option]]]

[[[We provide you with a Desktop View of your App for users on non-mobile devices]]]

No coding

[[[No Programming? No Problem!]]]

[[[With Apper you can build amazing Apps with no coding knowledge]]]

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low cost

[[[Affordable pricing]]]

[[[The most affordable App Builder and service. Starting from $9.99 /month]]]


[[[Super fast & easy]]]

[[[Build and publish your Apps in minutes all through your mobile device]]]

free screens

[[[Access to 50+ free screens]]]

[[[You can use any of our 50+ free screens to create your app and purchase additional screens]]]

demo interact

[[[Go ahead! Try it out!]]]

[[[Click on our interactive app and discover our great selection of screens and actions]]]

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[[[Screens and Actions]]]

[[[Check out a small selection of over 60+ screens and actions available on Apper]]]

[[[What can you do with Apper?]]]

[[[Apper allows you to create Apps for mobile, tablet and desktop devices on the go without any previous coding knowledge.]]]

[[[By using our patented wizard building process, Apper guides you step by step to create amazing looking Apps with elements such as icon images, splash screens, backgrounds, multiple menu types and various content screens.]]]

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[[[Get Apper on your mobile or tablet now.]]]

[[[Packages and Subscriptions]]]

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  • [[[3 day trial]]]
  • [[[Unlimited Visits and Downloads]]]
  • [[[Unlimited Changes/Updates]]]
  • [[[Analytics and stats]]]
  • [[[Multi-Platform Web App]]]
  • [[[Free Splash Screen and Background]]]


[[[$9.99 / app]]]
  • [[[Unlimited Visits and Downloads]]]
  • [[[Unlimited Changes/Updates]]]
  • [[[Analytics and stats]]]
  • [[[SEO promotion]]]
  • [[[Listed in App Community]]]
  • [[[Multi-Platform Web App]]]
  • [[[All Screens and Features Unlocked]]]
  • [[[Limited Native Preview App]]]

[[[Our Story]]]

[[[At iGenApps we are determined to lead the App revolution by empowering every app builder and enthusiast around the world with our powerful but easy to use tool to create mobile Apps straight from their smartphone device.]]]

[[[Our patented process allows individuals and businesses to create content-driven Apps on the go without the need for computers or programming skills. With this technology users can create a complete multi-platform App for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 without ever writing a single line of code.]]]

[[[Apper gives you access to the best graphic design, user experience and development that a web App can offer all by using the latest technology in a simple to use tool.]]]

[[[In addition, Apper has the option to submit it to the App store for the whole world to discover.]]]

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