Chrome Updates and Benefits

On 23rd of August 2017 the latest Chrome version for Android started rolling out an improved experience for add to home screen. This update is fully supported by Apper and iGenApps now. We have an updated URL structure with https://[appid] and updated our scripts to have a version check for apps which stay in memory. In the coming weeks we will make some updates to the add to home screen instructions to better inform You and your apps users.

What changed?

  • Your app is converted in a Web APK automatically
  • iGenApps has a new App URL structure that allows multiple Web APK´s to be installed on the same Android device.
  • iGenApps added a version check to see if your App was updated while it remains open.
  • iGenApps combined various updates to make your app faster and have offline support on Android 

What are the advantages?

  • Your app stays in memory
  • Your app can store more data offline (just by browsing in your App) 
  • Users are notified of Updates Automatically

What can be an issue?

Any app installed as webapk before 2nd of Oktober 2017 might not update (remain in cache and memory) because it does not have a version check. To resolve this close or reinstall the app. See How can I close my App below.

How can I close my App?

  1. Via the back button (not all Android versions).
  2. Via the open apps menu and closing the apps in the list.
  3. Delete and reinstall the app by visiting your App URL again.

If it´s still caching and not updating please check

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