How do I add a YouTube video?

You can Add a YouTube video to your App by using the YouTube Video Player Screen. It requires a video ID. The video ID can be obtained from the full YouTube link (URL). 

To get the ID do the following

  1. Open you video in Chrome or Safari
  2. When you see the video in the browser, check your link (URL). It should contain ?v= in it (like
  3. The video ID id the part after the ?v=, so VnFaGEYkMhk is the video ID in this case. 
  4. Copy this value and paste it in the video ID field on the YouTube video player. Video IDs are case sensitive so, it is better to copy and paste it.

Sometimes The link (URL) can contain more content after the video ID. If you see a & symbol, that is not part of the video ID.

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