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Registration / Login

How do I use the same account on multiple devices?

Use the login option in Apper to retrieve your account settings and data on the other device.

I do not receive any mails from igenappps.

This can have 2 causes, the emails ended up in your Spam or Junk mail folders or a wrong address was used

I forgot my password or/and login.

When you reinstall Apper or install it for the first time on a new device. Select login and the forgot my password option

I want to change my email address with iGenApps.

You can change your email by making in a request to our support service

Why do I need an account for using Apper and iGenApps?

You need an account so we can link your user generated content like images and apps to you.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time

How can I Subscribe?

You can subscribe via Apper or by clicking on the Subscibe button in iGenApps Publishing notifications

I subscribed but I did not receive my native preview App

Please check if you email is correct and that your App is published

I subscribed but my app link is not working

Please check if your app is published

What is a Native Preview App?

This is a preview to experience how your app would feel and work when converted to native

Why do I need a Subscription?

If you do not subscribe your App will be depublished after the 3 day trial. It will not be public anymore. And you won't receive any benefits

App Publishing

Can I get a Native App with iGenApps Apper?

Yes you can. We have premium publishing services for native Apps. And a Native Preview if you subscribe

How can I see my App stats?

You can see your app stats by swiping your app row to the right and touching the chart icon.

How do I publish or preview my App?

You can publish and preview your app by using the Publish / Update / Preview option in the menu screen. Or by touching on your App in the Apps lists.

How do I share my App?

You can share your App by swiping you app row in the app list to the right.

Where do I find my App?

You can find your app on your app URL by default.

App Store Submission

How can I put my app in an App Store?

You can submit your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play by requesting our premium publishing service in Apper or contact us.

What is a native format?

A Native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device.

App Creation

Does my App work on multiple devices?

Yes it does. By default all iGenApps apps work on Apple iDevices, Android tablets and mobiles and Windows devices.

External websites and Third party services

Use can External websites and Third party services via the Website Action. This makes the content run inside your app.

How do I add a YouTube video?

You can Add a YouTube video to your App by using the YouTube Video Player Screen. It requires a video ID.

How do I create an App with Apper?

Install Apper on your device and follow the 5 steps.

How do I delete my App?

You can delete your app by swiping you app row in the App lists to the right.

How to use Social Feeds in Apper?

Apper support various popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. To use these you add a social feed to your app.

in App Purchases

Will my Apper subscription work on another device?

Yes it does. app subscriptions are connected to your login.

App Community

My app does not show in App community.

The app community selects apps based on some specs. Apps must be subscribed and have no "test" or "demo" in the name.

Web App Installation and Loading

Can I skip the add 2 home or splash screen in my App?

Yes you can. You can use a special URL for that.

Does my web app support https and http2?

Yes it does. All requests go via http2. The web apps support https as a default now.

How do install or load my web app?

Your generated web apps can be added to your home screen and work like a native app. Just follow the instructions offered in the add to home screen.

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