Why do I need a Subscription?

If you do not subscribe, your App will be de-published after the 3 day trial and your App URL or Native App will not work anymore. You can continue using Apper in preview mode without a subscription.

A subscription costs $9,99 per month, $47,99 for 6 months or $89,99 for a whole year.  It will unlock all Screens for unlimited use in all your apps and will ensure your web app to be added to Search engines and our App Community. And You will also receive a Native Preview of your App (Apple iOS and Google Android) when your App is Published.

Subscriptions can be paid via Stripe (Card), PayPal, Google Wallet (if you use the Android version) or Apple Pay (if you use the iOS version)

We use high quality cloud services which provide a good SLA of 99,95% uptime. And to speed up your App, we use premium content delivery networks (CDN) to use local nearby servers in your region for fastest response. Aside to that all your uploaded images are compressed and optimized automatically. A lot of effort, love and dedication goes into our product and service.

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